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Upcoming Engagements

September 15

SSTAR Conference

[NEW YORK, NY] The Society for Sex Therapy and Research invites practicing sex therapists, psychologists, physicians, advanced practice nurses, marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, and researchers seeking state-of-the-art information on the rapidly evolving field of human sexuality. 

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September 15 - September 17

The Nantucket Project

[NANTUCKET, MA] My first time at The Nantucket Project, I look forward to leading conversations about modern love, betrayal, and overcoming breaches of trust. 

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October 3

Pennsylvania Conference for Women

[PHILADELPHIA, PA] The Pennsylvania Conference for Women is a non-profit, non-partisan, one-day professional and personal development event for women. This year, Michelle Obama and Brene Brown will keynote, and I am doing a breakout session on the future of love, lust and commitment.

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October 5

Werk It 2017: A Women's Podcast Festival

[LOS ANGELES, CA] The Future of Love, Lust and Listening. The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives. Yet expectations and social norms are quickly shifting beneath our feet. We will discuss how listening to the stories of others helps us navigate our own relationships.

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October 6

Emerging Women

[DENVER, CO] The Fluidity of Desire

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October 9


[NEW YORK, NY @ 7:30pm] The evening before The State of Affairs is officially on-sale, I will discuss the future of love, lust and commitment. 

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October 11

The Strand

[NEW YORK, NY @ 7:00pm] The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity. An affair can rob a couple of more than just their relationship yet, this all-too-common human experience remains poorly understood. What are we to make of this taboo—universally forbidden yet universally practiced? Why do people cheat—even those in happy marriages? Is there such a thing as an affair-proof marriage? We will discuss these questions and more. Q&A and book signing to follow.

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October 12

Savage Love Live: Seattle

[SEATTLE, WA @ 8:00pm] Join Dan and I for a State of Affairs-themed live show in Dan’s hometown of Seattle! You are invited to an evening of provocative discussion centered around my new book. Followed by Q&A and book signing. Note: KUOW will be taping the event for broadcast at a later date.

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October 13

Save Love Live: Vancouver

[VANCOUVER @ 8:00pm] Join Dan and I for a State of Affairs-themed live show in Dan’s hometown of Seattle! You are invited to an evening of provocative discussion centered around my new book. Followed by Q&A and book signing. Note: We will be audio recording for Dan's podcast, Savage Lovecast to air at a later date.

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October 14

Bulletproof Conference

[PASADENA, CA] The Bulletproof Conference explores the latest biohacking technology and attend lectures on the topics of exercise, sex, relationships, nutrition, spirituality, and more.

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