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Sessions is my online platform for couples therapists, coaches, and educators. Each month, I present an interview with a noted expert in the field, where we cover topics that run the gamut of the challenges facing couples and the people who work with them - from "How Important is Sex, Anyway?" with Dr. Ian Kerner, to our most recent installment, "Trauma and Aliveness" with Dr. Diana Fosha. Sessions also includes a running library with resources from our guests, as well as a 1-hour Q+A each month with the guest and myself where we go over case studies, questions about the topic, and anything else the community wants to ask. We also maintain an online forum. Finally, anyone who signs up for a yearly membership gets free access to my yearly clinical event. This year's is called "The State of Affairs: A New Clinical Approach to Infidelity". 

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Supervision [FULL]

2017 - 2018 Season FULL

Esther Perel’s supervision and training groups aim to create a challenging and inspiring community of practice that offers a fresh approach to couples therapy in a safe and supportive environment. Sessions focus on couples therapy from a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural perspective, with special attention placed on issues related to sexuality and infidelity. We combine case presentation with group discussion, in-depth topical presentations, and hands-on skills practice. The training integrates psychodynamic, attachment, and systemic theories, as well as sex therapy, psychodrama and body oriented approaches. Groups are small to ensure maximum participation and participants of all levels are welcome.

Clinical Event: The State of Affairs: A New Clinical Approach to Infidelity

November 11, 2017

New York, NY

Join Esther in New York for a one-day clinical training for mental health professionals, coaches, and counselors. Through case study examples, Esther will show how to effectively engage with couples affected by infidelity. We will explore how to navigate privacy and secrecy, honesty and transparency. Further information and application to the event is forthcoming.

** Admission is FREE for all annual members of Sessions who register before September 1, 2017.