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The quality of our relationships (whether personal, professional, or intimate) have a massive impact on the quality of our lives. It is in this framework that Esther approaches public speaking and workshops. 

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The Future of Relationships

The quality of our lives depends on the quality of our relationships. Yet the expectations and social norms of these relationships are quickly shifting beneath our feet. A penetrating observer of cultural patterns, Esther explores the complicated and contradictory needs that are shaping relationships today. In this talk, she paves a path forward for thriving connections.

The Paradox of Security and Adventure

We all straddle two sets of opposing human needs: the need for stability and predictability, and the desire for what is exciting, new, and mysterious. From the bedroom to the boardroom, couples and family therapist Esther Perel tackles the big questions about our pursuit of passion and will arm you with actionable tools to cultivate erotic intelligence.

Trust: The Pivotal Element of Your Company’s Success

Our lives are fueled by trust: in our loved ones, our colleagues, and our leaders. But how do we cultivate it, and restore if it's lost? Esther lays out the foundational elements of a crucial relational element that can be the determining factor between success and collapse.  

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