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...and I believe that the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives. On my website, you'll find resources and trainings to help you find aliveness and vitality in your relationships.


Unsent Love Letters

A six-part series of real unsent letters from people who wrote to a loved one, but in the end kept their words to themselves. Each article includes the original letter, a playful video discussion, and an exercise for those who resonate. Read more to get started.

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Relationship dynamics are more complex than ever before. That's why we've created Sessions — Esther's multi-disciplinary training for therapists, coaches, and educators. Learn more.

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Go behind closed doors of Esther's office to explore the issues that impact us all in relationships and in the workplace. 

Seasons 1-3 of Where Should We Begin and Season 1 of How's Work are now available to listen.